sooo hot!!

i don't know where you might be from
but i live north of dallas, tx
dallas is hot! dallas is humid! my hair hates both!

my hair is getting so long and with that comes warmth
i usually get home from work
and the hair goes straight up
off my back
i sweat a bunch
so i figured a way to also keep the sweat off my face.
Crazy Bun

how do you like??
what do you do when it is so hot outside?



Carol Anne said...

It's super hot in Missouri too! I haven't even gone outside today except the throw the trash out. I'm afraid to leave my nice A/C haha! I have been putting my hair in braided pigtails to keep my hair off my shoulders. Hope it cools down soon!

Marla Rae Morrison said...

I feel your pain! Mine is the longest it has been in years and it is killing me in this horrible humidity! I am probably gonna be cutting mine off very soon! Not sure I can't take it much longer. It rained yesterday and I looked like a mad woman! haha!
: )

Danielle said...

Love the crazy bun! I am feeling you on the heat...San Antonio isn't much better. I love the AC.

Ginger Sanches said...
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Ginger Sanches said...

I guess, it must be some mistake on your site. I can't see those custom paper photos you've posted. There are just some white squares.